The Devil's lake

by Grace & the Magic Roots

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Grace Capper - Guitar, vocals, kick-drum, recorders, effects, pototom.
Lawrence Brown - Cello, Orpius, cymbal, effects

Special guests -
Chris Conway (Theramin, organ, flutes)
Tim Sketchley (Glockenspiel)

Recorded by Andy Headley at Headley Sound
Mastered by Yellow Dog


released November 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Grace & the Magic Roots Leicester, UK

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Track Name: The Devil's lake
There was a wind,
she blew
into the funeral pyre.
Witches hunting witches,
oh the heavens cry.
She walked into the water.
and she went down to the Devils lake.
Track Name: Magic root rythm and rhyme
We've had lots of good times
and we’ll have some more.
Magic, root, rhythm and rhyme.
Oh, skankin’ and all.
Track Name: People at war
My life has been
an intricate web
of several things,
working in time.
Those ups and downs,
those intricate things.
It puzzles me now
I think about it.

Little do I know
about the suffering
of people at war,
of people in strife.
Little do I know
about the pain it brings,
I can only wonder what it is like.

I hear a story
about the way
we fall from glory.
The human race
is out for self destruction,
Oh and I think about it.
Our children
will know a world with no solution
to pollution,
We need a resolution
some new instruction.
Track Name: Shiver
There’s a shiver down my spine,
I’m not feeling too well.
But this body is designed
to adjust to seasonal spells,
and it seems that this time
I’m not too late to shake it off,
but the older my bones grow
the colder I become.

Sometimes I feel the weight over me,
the dark clouds crushing me in summertime.
I know that I’m supposed to live it up
but I don’t feel like dancing anymore.

And the walk did me some good,
sorted my head as much as it could,
I hope that the music comes back to me again.
I just need to take some time,
look at the ways I’m living my life.
Is this really what I want?
I don’t know.

I’m travelling empty now,
my mind is wondering.
I will unravel my golden thread
until my head is full of sweetness.
Back to the earth, my womanly urge
is to go back to the earth
and find all the answers.
Close in my web,
hear the stories that were once said,
feel the love from the other world.
People in this city
too busy wallowing in self pity.
I must say it’s rubbing off on me
and I don’t like it.
Track Name: Crow song
The fish are okay in the warm,
what happens when the lake freezes over?
I would like to be a cloud,
floating high above rainforests pouring.
The crow he said to me
“Do you know the way out to the sea?”
I put him in a cage,
he looked out of the window
to the sea.
The crow with the broken wing
was sad to hear
that winter was nearing.
Up, up, up.
The fish go in the clouds.
We all go in the clouds.
Track Name: Don't worry
Don’t worry about a thing,
we’re giving up worries this time.
What you say we just get out of here?
Every little things alright.
Mr. Brown was thinking about the world,
all the problems with the human race.
As man destroys the earth
he thinks he has the right to decide her fate,
I tell you well nature she is strong.
We've got to believe in her power.
and when we have gone she will journey on,
new life will come.
Track Name: Higher man
Why are you so rude?
You used to be well spoken,
say please and thankyou,
now your mouth is rotten.
Everything they tell you,
you recycle and spit it out,
telling those lower than you what to do.
Oh It’s a sad sad world.

Higher man, do you know what you’re doing?
I for one do not think that you do.
Higher man, do you really know what you’re doing?
You ain’t got a clue.
The sirens are going off
outside it’s plain to hear.
The people are getting lost.
We're losing our minds to fear.
Track Name: A little song
Sometimes things just don’t go right.
Lift yourself up now child,
maybe you’ll do it next time.
When life seems to do you wrong
try and sing a little song.

Music keeps the world spinning around.

Don’t give up, don’t give up your light,
your stars are out tonight.
Close your eyes and lose your mind.
The more you try the more you find

that music keeps the world spinning around.

Sometimes people don't understand
that your doing all you can,
but don't blame them,
don't blame them for that.
Forgiveness you see
lies within you and me,
and seeing things as they are
just means looking a little harder.
Calm your thoughts, remember that

music keeps the world spinning around.
Track Name: The greatest thing
Why does it seem like everyone around
don’t wanna know me?
I guess I don’t give that much away.
I’m lost in the city
with no-one to call my friend,
and I’m not alone in my loneliness.

What we need is love,
It’s the greatest thing
to give some love
to all the people that need it.

I sit and I think I lead a sheltered life
away from the booze and the brawls,
they’re talking about the little things in life,
repeating what I’ve heard before.
Now that I’ve found that I’m a misery,
with no-one to blame but myself.
At least I can laugh about it now.
Track Name: Short straw
You drew the short straw this time honey,
it’s not fair, and it’s not right for you.
You got the hard luck but I’ll help you through it.
Keep on, be strong my love.

It’s a new way of living,
positive thinking, positive thinking.
I will try to get myself better,
no more stress, and no more fighting.

And in this world we are all here to survive,
I am reminded to live my life
with all the thanks and glory to mother Earth
and with all my wisdom I will find what I’m worth.
Track Name: Find you
I can’t take it anymore,
the walls are turning inside out.
Can I trust the people that I love?
The world is getting dark and I’m in doubt.

Won’t you take me in your arms oh Lord?
Won’t you show me that the Devil isn’t true?
Won’t you shower me with Love?
Make me feel new.

Sometimes it’s hard to see that
the good can win over evil.
I’ve had so many of the darkest thoughts
and I will do my best to defeat them.

When all hope is gone give me the strength to find you.
When the road is long give me the strength to find you.
When i can't see the light give me the strength to find you.
And when the day is done, I will be with you.